We're excited to announce a new look and feel for the Polarr Photo Editor that makes the app cleaner and easier to use as we grow.


When you open the updated Photo Editor, you’ll see a clearer and simplified set of icons for your creative tools. As we continue to bring new features and tools to the app, it’s important to build systems that will keep the Photo Editor simple as we continue to grow. To that end, we’ve reorganized some of the tools and effects across the folders. In order to keep the Photo Editor focused on helping you express your creativity through tools and styles, we’ve also sunset the watermark, text, spot removal and shape tools. We've also made a quick starter guide for existing and new Polarr users to jump right into how to use the new app.


One of the top issues we’ve heard from our community is that from time to time, styles that they’ve saved may disappear from their libraries. Photo Editor 6.0 contains a new update that stabilizes your style library to make it far less likely that styles will disappear. As this update rolls out, there may be some temporary inconsistency in your library while the migration takes place. Rest assured, however, that all your styles will be available once the update is complete.

Polarr Photo Editor 6.0 rolls out this week and is available for devices running Android 8.0 and above and for iOS 12.0 and above. You can learn more about the changes in today’s announcement at Polarr support.