We're releasing Polarr Photo Editor 5.4.6 today for iOS. It features new effect tools and some nice changes for our free users.

Before we jump in and detail the changes, here's the full changelog for 5.4.6:

  1. New: Reflect effect
  2. Updated: Pixelate effect
  3. New: Ability to 'flatten' an image
  4. New: 1 free export per day for free users
  5. Misc: Bug fixes and performance improvements

New Reflect tool

Our Effects tool within Polarr remains popular for allowing you to go a little above traditional photography and create abstract art. Users have been enjoying the grain effects and fringe effects, but now get the ability to develop Inception-like reflections. Our pixelate tool has also been revamped with more control and options.

Reflect is a tool you need to play with. This tool is great for creating trippy and abstract art. Set the center of your reflection and see the various mirroring options included with this tool. We've included 15 different mirroring modes for you to select from.

Quad mirroring
Defy physics

Updated Pixelate tool

Previously, we had a pixelate slider that would allow you to convert your image into square pixels. Basic, but it got the job done. Now we've added a few more pixel shapes for you to select from. You now have the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Dot
  • Triangle
  • Diamond

You can view some images from our friends at Unsplash that have been put through the pixelate machine.

Dot pixelation
Diamond pixelation
Triangle pixelation
Dot pixelation with an added border

Now let me quickly blow your mind and show you a photo that uses both the new reflect tool and pixelate tool. Please make sure you're sitting down or standing near a mattress before you look at the next photo. Thanks!

Reflect and then add some pixelation

But wait, there's more! Here's what happens when we combine the fringe effect, with the pixelate tool and reflect it all. Fun fact: The original image used for the photo below is of the Polarr bear mascot. Kind of looks like an abstract rug you might buy at a place like Ikea.

Ikea, email us if you want to sell this in your stores. 

Flattening images

You can now flatten images in Polarr. You would flatten an image if you would like to apply adjustments or filters on top of an already filtered image. For example, you could apply a filter twice. Alternatively, add some text then use a filter over that. The two new effects, pixelate and reflect, require flattening to work.

One free export per day

We are making one small change for free users. You can use all of the pro tools inside Polarr for free. You're just limited to one export per day. Need to export more than one photo? You can upgrade to Polarr Pro and unlock multiple exports, cross-platform support, and custom filter sync.

More to come

We've been making many changes internally with our team that will result in faster updates to Polarr going forward. This update is just the first of many cool things we have coming your way.

Want something added to Polarr? Then join our new community on Spectrum and head to the feature request channel and let us know what you want. Don't forget to smash that subscribe button below to stay in the loop with everything Polarr.

Excited? Download Polarr Photo Editor for iOS to try out all these new features. You can look forward to these features on other platforms very soon.