What drives us? It's the idea that we're building a future that's filled with artificial intelligence that helps you be as creative as possible. At Polarr, we're betting on a future that focuses on a creative world where you're surrounded by offline, private, and energy efficient computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Building this future won't happen overnight and our full vision will take some time to build. So as we work and build toward this future we're going to open up the inner workings of Polarr and share our knowledge and findings along the way.

This blog, no filter, is our journal that will document what we learn. But before we begin, here are the principles guiding no filter.

Inform and share knowledge.

Polarr is filled with some of the most inventive and knowledgeable employees. We're each master of our own domains and have a vast array of experience between us. On no filter, we'll share that knowledge with you.

Inspire you to join us.  

One hope is that reading this blog will give you a sneak peek of the people working at Polarr and inspire you to work with us. Just look at the bottom of this page to find a link to our current openings. As we write and share content you'll get a sense of the type of people working here and might want to call these people your colleagues.

Better ourselves.

There's no better way to help grow as a person and better oneself than taking the ideas floating around in your head and putting them down to share with others.

Have fun.

We want to inform you and share everything we learn and have fun while doing it. We'll work to avoid sharing dry or boring content.

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