Today we’re launching new previews for Polarr QR codes that make it easier for people to try out your styles, even if they don’t have the Polarr Photo Editor installed.

After you put in the effort to make a style you’re proud of, it shouldn’t be hard for people to see what you’ve made and why it’s great. Now, when someone scans the QR code on a style you’ve shared, they’ll see a new preview window that features an interactive slider so they can see your style in action. They can also try out your style on their own photos or download the Polarr Photo Editor right from the preview.

Polarr styles come from creators with moods, aesthetics and points of view—and when you edit with them, you bring a part of their creativity into your project. When someone imports your Polarr styles, it’s not just a reflection of something cool that you made, but a signal that your work inspired someone else to get in touch with their own creativity. You enable creative possibilities with every style you share.

The new Polarr style previews are available everywhere starting today. Not sure how to make a Polarr style of your own and share it with others? You can learn more about creating and sharing styles in Polarr Support.